What if the mechanisms of artistic creation help up overcome crises and transform ourselves?


This question is at the heart of Cabinet InventiF's experience in leading cultural, managerial and people transformation throughout inner and organizational borders, across languages and around the world.  We believe that the drivers of artistic creation that we all possess in our inner self can help us innovate, emerge new goals, express our boldness and creativity, face complex challenges, bring energy, and desire back into our lives.  This brought us to create a large set of agile, creative, and therapeutic tools to unleash their self-leadership with more agility, boldness, and collective intelligence.  This is also a path to manage teams and lead organizations to move forward through crisis and transformation.


Cabinet InventiF is about helping create an innovative culture that will deliver effective results, both in the ethical sense of integrity and in the economic sense of utility. «InventiF» means a spirit made of intuition, imagination, courage and playfulness to reverse our perspective and create new possibilities.  Each individual situation is considered as a map representing a new territory to explore, starting where you stand mentally and psychologically, and ending while being fully engaged in innovative action.  Dreams, desires, fears and lack of energy constantly nurture your way to contemplate changes ahead.  To help transform the initial map into your new own territory, we will use an InventiF specific tool we created, a heroes' symbolic journey which will put you, whether individually or collectively, on the exploration tracks of your own «Eureka».


The company was founded in 2019, with the mission to help individuals, teams, and organizations connect with their true selves and tap into their unknown resources to skillfully create new paths to their own «What's Next».